Helped me save thousands of dollars

I would like to document my experience in dealing with G&S Construction Company located in South Lake Tahoe, California. I lost my home in June of 2007 in the Angora Fire. In Early October of the same year, I started rebuilding my home and G&S was contracted to frame the house. I had heard about G&S’s reputation from local residents who have had dealings in the construction of custom homes. Based on the contract we signed, G&S came in exactly on budget with no cost overruns. There were some extra costs incurred, but this was due to the modification of the original plans to include cellar stairs. I have had several extremely complimentary comments on the framing, by individuals who have experience in building custom homes, especially with regards to the strength and complexity of the roof framing. Due to the fact that I currently reside in Texas, I was not available to continue work on the construction of my home, and was in need of my own contractor to continue construction. In an effort to control costs, I wanted to continue construction by using a bid process on all the crafts. Due to the quality of construction of the framing, I approached Garrick Terrell, (the “G” of G&S Construction) and asked him if he could help me complete my home by acting as General Contractor, in addition to finding “GOOD CRAFTSMAN”, based on his personal experience. I also required him to supervise the bid process. By doing this, Garrick has helped me save thousands of dollars, in addition to now having one of the most unique homes in South Lake Tahoe. I would recommend G&S without hesitation to anyone in need of quality construction, while also getting a flexible, experienced journeyman Contractor.

G & S Construction was recommended by our designer

Building a new home was not in our plans until we lost our home in the Angora fire in June of 2007. Among many decisions that had to be made was who we would choose to rebuild our home. Having lived in South Lake Tahoe for over 30 years we have come to know many people in the construction trade, but after talking with several of them we were still undecided. G & S Construction was recommended by our designer and we could not have made a wiser choice. Scott Noonan and Garrick Terrell have provided us with sound advice from beginning to end. They helped with the permit process, trouble shot potential problems before they became problems, and offered sound advice throughout the entire construction of our home. They hired only professional, quality subcontractors and consulted with us on every aspect of the project. Scott, who oversaw our construction, is very particular about the details and went out of his way to make sure everything was top quality and to our liking. Our house was completed ahead of schedule and on budget, something almost unheard of. G & S Construction provided only the highest quality craftsmanship and were truly professional in their work. We would highly recommend them to anyone considering building a home in Lake Tahoe.

Good reputation for quality workmanship

We purchased our house when it was still in the process of being framed. There were some changes and additions that we wanted to make to the original plans. Garrick was able to give us an idea of what the changes would involve and what the costs would be in an accurate and timely manner. He was able to give us advice as to whether or not what we had in mind was a good idea or not. As construction continued and other concerns or questions arose, we found that Garrick was great at addressing issues quickly. He answered our questions in a way that was easy for us to understand. He was easy to reach, even on weekends. In speaking with others who have knowledge of the construction industry, we found that G&S construction has a good reputation for quality workmanship. As the house has now been completed we are very happy with the finished product. We feel that G&S construction has earned their reputation on the quality of their product and their customer relations. We would recommend G&S construction to anyone considering having a home built in Lake Tahoe.

Blended professionalism and personableness perfectly

Garrick with G&S Construction recently built our mom’s new home after the Tahoe fire. She’s in her 80’s and we needed a contractor we could trust. Garrick completed the house on time, on budget. He was helpful every step of the way. When we were in doubt, we found his taste in design, colors and material to be excellent. Garrick blended professionalism and personableness perfectly. He manage his sub-contractors, paper-work and codes with professionalism while he handle our mom with personal concern and empathy. We highly recommend Garrick to do your next home.

Garrick built our house as if it was his own

We had realized that taking on an imported timber-frame construction in South Lake Tahoe would not be straightforward; out of state engineering, unfamiliar construction techniques and inordinate levels of preparation had to be addressed. G&S Construction took up the challenge with a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that cannot be faulted. Garrick’s team worked on nearly all aspects of the construction of what amounts to an unusual property for the Tahoe area. They undertook conventional framing work, raised the timber-frame, installed the complex roofing and exterior wall panels, completed the interior construction, including outfitting the kitchen, and finished the exterior of the property. The result is that we are now the very proud owners of a beautifully constructed, one of a kind timber-frame home in South Lake Tahoe. Throughout the construction, Garrick has consistently striven for quality in all of the work that his team has undertaken. As “remote” owners (based on the East coast) we have had to rely heavily upon the construction teams to “do what?s right” — Garrick has consistently read our minds to ensure that the construction has taken all the right turns whether we were on the ground or not and has done his utmost to keep the construction rolling. With the limited building window and particular challenges of building in the Tahoe basin, his support, guidance and commitment to completion meant that we held a confidence in the G&S team that proved well founded. Garrick built our house as if it was his own. Taking on a new construction can be daunting; taking on a custom home construction, with no opportunity to input into a design that is using unfamiliar construction methods for the area could be overwhelming. Without G&S Construction under Garrick?s leadership and direction, we would likely still be waiting to take that first step into our dream home. Thanks Garrick and Team!

Finished ahead of schedule and on budget

We were fortunate to have Garrick Terrel as our contractor. He built our vacation home in South Lake Tahoe. Very professional and easy to communicate with. Worked as a team with our architect and designer. Exceeded our expectations. Finished ahead of schedule and on budget. We strongly recommend this contractor for future projects.