Garrick built our house as if it was his own

We had realized that taking on an imported timber-frame construction in South Lake Tahoe would not be straightforward; out of state engineering, unfamiliar construction techniques and inordinate levels of preparation had to be addressed. G&S Construction took up the challenge with a level of professionalism and enthusiasm that cannot be faulted. Garrick’s team worked on nearly all aspects of the construction of what amounts to an unusual property for the Tahoe area. They undertook conventional framing work, raised the timber-frame, installed the complex roofing and exterior wall panels, completed the interior construction, including outfitting the kitchen, and finished the exterior of the property. The result is that we are now the very proud owners of a beautifully constructed, one of a kind timber-frame home in South Lake Tahoe. Throughout the construction, Garrick has consistently striven for quality in all of the work that his team has undertaken. As “remote” owners (based on the East coast) we have had to rely heavily upon the construction teams to “do what?s right” — Garrick has consistently read our minds to ensure that the construction has taken all the right turns whether we were on the ground or not and has done his utmost to keep the construction rolling. With the limited building window and particular challenges of building in the Tahoe basin, his support, guidance and commitment to completion meant that we held a confidence in the G&S team that proved well founded. Garrick built our house as if it was his own. Taking on a new construction can be daunting; taking on a custom home construction, with no opportunity to input into a design that is using unfamiliar construction methods for the area could be overwhelming. Without G&S Construction under Garrick?s leadership and direction, we would likely still be waiting to take that first step into our dream home. Thanks Garrick and Team!