No games

I had family property passed down from 1951 in South Lake Tahoe. The time was right for me to build and I called 4 contractors and decided on Garrick and G & S Construction. He was very patient in answering my questions that first call as well as upfront and direct. No games. Right there I felt he was the guy to build. And that was the best choice I made for my house. He guided me the whole way from blueprints to permits to banks to materials and design modifications and selections on surface materials. Great eye for patterns, textures, colors, appliances, lighting fixtures, and overall design harmony. He greatly exceeded what I had in mind and the challenge to build within my overall budget, He took on that challenge and delivered a wonderful house that was not easy to build. I highly recommend him and G & S Construction.
A side note. I was with him at one of the public utilities getting the plans approved. Garrick had to take a call outside and the utility official asked if he was building my house. I said yes and she said he was one of the best contractors working in South Lake Tahoe. That says it all!