I was extremely impressed

This was the third home I have built, but my first time using G & S Construction.  I was extremely impressed with the professionalism, efficiency, and work ethic of this crew.  G & S began their work day at 7:30 am (already working at 7:30, not just setting up) and worked tirelessly through the day.  G & S’ attention to detail was impeccable, while also establishing themselves as the fastest crew I have ever hired.  The quality and craftsmanship of thier work was regularly complimented by my other contractors. From our first meeting, G & S ensured our home would become a reality while adhering to our budget, and beating our timeline.  G & S demonstrated a high level of integrity by minimizing waste and recommending alternate materials during the process to save money.  G & S were unfazed by our uncommon design ideas, and embraced our vision for the project.  G & S will remain my first and only choice for future projects.