Garrick, of G&S Construction did it!

Garrick, of G&S Construction did it! He accomplished a nearly impossible task. The life of a contractor is never easy but, the project on my property would cause most contractors to balk. It involved unique and exceptionally complicated challenges. The entire project was completed during COVID when the cost of building materials escalated with every day; products were not available or backordered and shipping/delivery was problematic.

The job entailed a total and complete exterior renovation of a home that was built in 1974. Over the years the house had shifted, beams had twisted, there was separation between the roof and walls, and there was a host of other problems. During the renovation, there were so many surprises that we dubbed the house the “Winchester Mystery House”. And to top it all off, one side of the property has such a steep and drastic incline that it would be classified as a double black diamond ski slope rating. Not only was the work extremely challenging, it was dangerous.

Garrick led his team by finding creative solutions to the difficult problems, always being mindful about the safety of his workers. He has a wealth of construction experience which is demonstrated in his can-do approach. Garrick is a great listener and his goal is to give the clients what they want. He is a straight shooter and explains things clearly and frequently offers wise suggestions. Garrick is responsive to questions and always returns calls and texts. He strives to please the client in the most cost effective way, carefully tailoring costs to the clients’ budget. Garrick is the consummate professional.

My project involved complete cedar siding, installation of 21 windows (some quite large – 55″x77″), interior window framing, mason work, new garage door, the repair of deck supports, the repair of a floating staircase, deck staining and many other smaller re-build projects.

I couldn’t be happier and more pleased with the total exterior renovation! Garrick and his team have worked a miracle and breathed new life into the house. In fact, it looks like a newly built home. My heartfelt gratitude goes to Garrick, Ryan, the two Edgars, Gerard and all those who contributed to making my dream and vision come true.

If you want exceptional quality – hire Garrick, an exceptional contractor and outstanding human being.